The Grand Ridge PTSA recognizes volunteers, educators and community members who go above and beyond for the sake of our kids through the Golden Acorn, Outstanding Educator, and Outstanding Advocate awards for the previous year (January -December 2019).  

Nathalie Isensee has been awarded the Grand Ridge PTSA 2019 Golden Acorn Award!

Nathalie has been a Grand Ridge PTSA volunteer since her daughter Jacqueline was a Kindergartener the year our school opened.  Nathalie and her husband Michael also have sons Niclas and Christian and are active in the Highlands Community.  Over the last 13 years, Nathalie has volunteered countless hours at Grand Ridge.  She served on the PTSA Board as Volunteers Co-Coordinator, Staff Appreciation Chair, Summerfest Chair, and she coordinates school picture days every year. Nathalie has spent many years as a room parent, volunteering within the classroom, assisting with the Art Docent program, and sharing her South African heritage at the school Cultural Fair.  With her youngest son moving on to middle school, Nathalie’s helpful spirit and warm smile will be missed at Grand Ridge.

Molly Banskon has been awarded the Grand Ridge PTSA Outstanding Educator Award!

Molly Bankson teaches 1st grade at Grand Ridge and was born and raised within the Issaquah School District.  She has become a leader within the school and on the district level testing out new science curriculum and experimenting in co-teaching a more inclusive learning model.  Ms. Bankson has been awarded Issaquah Schools Foundation grants for coding bots in 2019 and wiggle stools in 2020.  She has been a leader at the school’s Family Engineering Night program.  As a teacher, she presents a structured classroom style while encouraging imagination and school spirit among her students.  Grand Ridge PTSA is proud to recognize Molly Bankson as an Outstanding Educator.  

Lindsey de Haan has been awarded the Grand Ridge PTSA Outstanding Educator Award!

Lindsey de Haan is in her second year at Grand Ridge but previously taught at Discovery Elementary in the Issaquah School District.  She is a Central Washington University alumni and obtained her Master’s Degree while working in the Seattle School District.  Ms. de Haan was inspired to “become a teacher and invest in the next generation”.  She loves working with 1st graders and watching how a class can become a school family over the course of a school year.  She explained, “Teaching is my avenue to reach children to help them know their worth and capabilities, while getting to celebrate alongside them!”  Grand Ridge PTSA is proud to recognize Lindsey de Haan as an Outstanding Educator.


Past Winners:

Outstanding Advocate Award

2018-19:  Alicia Spinner

2017-18:  Justin Oppelar

2016-17:  Tim Ryan

2015-16:  Carrie Mount

2014-15:  Pam Cabrera

2013-14:  Christy Otley

2012-13:  Leslie Warrick

2011-12:  Leslie Warrick

2010-11:  Leslie Warrick


Outstanding Educators

2018-19:  Sanjana Pathak

2017-18:  Kim Goodman

2016-17:  Jennifer Houghton & Brandy Falk

2015-16:  Wendy Marsh & Connie Face

2014-15:  Allison King

2013-14:  Alice Badgley

2012-13:  Darrel Nichols

2011-12:  Anne Douglas

2010-11:  Maureen Bacon

2009-10:  Lauren Dammers

2008-09:  Kris Coleman

2007-08:  Becky Rapin & Connie Face

2006-07:  Lori Bunstead & Barb Walton


Golden Acorn Award

2018-19:  Angela Bizzari & Aline Bloch

2017-18:  Alicia Spinner & Joanne Mockford

2016-17:  Lisa Kim

2015-16:  Anne Taylor, Alicia Spinner & Angela Bizzari

2014-15:  Danielle Graham, Alisa George & Michele Brode

2013-14:  Lisa Callan

2012-13:  Carolyn Kennedy

2011-12:  Lida Buckner

2010-11:  Theora Dalupan, Kristen Wisdom & Nancy Castonguay

2009-10:  Theora Dalupan, Lida Buckner & Cyn Baumert

2008-09:  Leslie Warrick, Lida Buckner & Cyn Baumert

2007-08:  Audrey Winslow, Tina Ko & Theora Dalupan

2006-07:  Audrey Winslow, Julie Siefkes, Stephanie Shipley, Celia Shells, Debbie Rossman, Donna McCloud, Robbin Hodder, Karen Hirsch, Erica Davis, Theora Dalupan, Deb Courage & Cyn Baumert